IGLU (Interessengemeinschaft Luftfracht) IGLU Air Cargo GmbH has been formed to mutually facing up the fact that small and mid-sized airfreight forwarders have to compete in a constantly getting even more competitive airfreight market. To survive and suceed in future, the airfreight volumes of all IGLU partners have been combined, bundled and marketed under the roof of a neutral company. 19 companies, which earlier worked together under the name "Interessen Gemeinschaft Luftfracht" (comunity of interest airfreight) founded in 2000 the IGLU Air Cargo GmbH.

Today, IGLU Air Cargo GmbH is firmly established in the airfreight market and a serious partner for several airfreight carriers.

Opening Hours


Mo - Th 08:30 - 17:00 h
Fr 08:30 - 15:00 h


Mo - Th 08:30 - 12:00 h
12:30 - 16:30 h
Fr 08:30 - 12:00 h
12:30 - 14:30 h






Freight inquiry

+49-(0)40-78 91 81 - 01

+49-(0)40-5075 23 - 85/-86

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