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The alterations to the Aviation Security Act, which implements the EU regulation for the security in civil aviation (EU (VO) 2320/2002 and the addendum EU(VO)831/2006) in national law, come into force on February 1, 2006.

These introduce a new aspect for the air freight sector:

The status of the regulated agent (RA). This is understood in the act as:

"Agencies, forwarders or other legal entities which

  • Employ properly recruited and trained personnel
  • Registered by the Federal Aviation Authority (the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt LBA) in accordance with VO (EC) No. 2320/2002
  • Carry out aviation security measures accepted or stipulated by the appropriate Federal Aviation Authority in accordance with Section 9 of the Aviation Security Act
  • Have a business relationship with an aviation company."

Zell & Mohr Luftfracht GmbH has successfully passed the auditing process and was awarded a binding and permanent accreditation as a RA under DE.RAC.0299.

The approval as an RA is a sensible step and is above all advantageous for the customer. The reasons for this are that only regulated agents such as Zell & Mohr Luftfracht GmbH can recognize their air-freight customers as so-called "known Consignor" (KC). This is important as regards the routing time of the freight. This is because as soon as a corresponding declaration on the part of the customer has been received, Zell & Mohr can treat the consignment as "known freight". This means that - with the exception of spot-checks - no additional technical inspection measures are required and no additional delays occur. In processing the freight of unknown consignors Zell & Mohr is obliged to conduct the security checks prescribed by the LBA. These require the freight to be either:

  • Scanned by x-ray OR
  • Undergoing a 5 day security storage at RA facilities

These procedures can lead not only to a time delay in loading the consignment but also cause additional costs which are passed on to the customer.

This registration requires Zell & Mohr air-freight customers to sign a "Security Declaration of the Known Consignor" issued by the LBA. Here, the LBA recognizes solely such security declarations that are accepted unaltered. A copy of the document can be downloaded from the Zell & Mohr website under FAQ + Download / "Security declaration" .

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